Submissions are welcome from all disciplines. Specific topic categories are listed below. Abstracts may be in English or French, and must not exceed 300 words. Please complete one form per abstract submission.

Section 1 : Presenting Author
All correspondence will be sent to the presenting author. Please ensure that your contact information is correct.

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Section 2 : Institutions
Please enter the name of each institution with which the authors are affiliated. For each one, please indicate the name of the institution, city, province and country (eg: McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada). Each one will be numbered. In Section 3 (Authors), you will be asked to indicate the corresponding number next to each author entered.

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Section 3 : Authors
Please enter each author (first name     last name) and choose the corresponding institution(s) (by number). Do not include degrees or professional titles (Prof., MD, RN, etc.). All authors must be entered, including the presenting author, since this is the data that will be used when publishing the abstracts. The names will be listed in the order in which they have been entered, so it is important that the first or main author be the first one you enter. If an author is affiliated with more than one institution, please enter all corresponding numbers, separated by a comma.
(eg: Bill Gates      3,1)

First Name      Last Name
(see Section 2)
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Section 4 : Presentation Languages

Please indicate the language in which the abstract is written
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Please indicate the language in which your oral/poster will be presented
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Section 5: Presentation Type

Adult Track

Workshop - 45 minutes
Workshop - 90 minutes
Proffered Paper
Please check here if you wish your submission to be considered for a Research Forum * presentation.
Pediatric Track
Categories will be assigned by committee

Workshop - 45 minutes
(will only be considered for Thursday or Friday)
Proffered Paper
(will be considered for 2-day Pediatric seminar; those not accepted for the Seminar will be considered for the regular program (Thursday or Friday))
Please check here if you wish your submission to be considered for a Research Forum * presentation.

  • a 45 minute in-depth, interactive session given by one or more presenters (maximum number recommended is 4).
  • a 90 minute in-depth, interactive session given by one or more presenters (maximum number recommended is 4).
Proffered Paper
  • a 20 minute presentation (15 minute talk and 5 minute question period) by one presenter.
    * Research Forum (note: the Research Forum will take place during the lunch break)
    Nine top submissions describing research and submitted as Proffered Papers will be selected for 10-minute presentation in the Research Forum. Each Forum will include three such presentations followed by a commentary by a discussant and 15 minutes of questions and comments from the audience. Should your abstract describe a research project or study (with results) and should you wish to be considered for a Research Forum, please select Proffered Paper in either the Adult or the Pediatric Track above AND click in the appropriate box. Should your abstract NOT be accepted for the Research Forum, it will still be considered for a regular 15-minute proffered paper oral presentation.
  • a visual presentation describing a project or activity related to Palliative Care. Posters must be designed to fit the predetermined guidelines. They are mounted on the first day of the Congress and taken down on the final day. As much as possible, authors are expected to be present with their poster during breaks to answer questions from participants. No audiovisual support is provided for poster presentations.
Should the number of submissions accepted for Workshop presentation exceed the number that can be included in the programme, the Programme Committee may re-assign certain Workshop submissions to either a Proffered Paper or Poster. In these cases submitters are contacted to ask if they agree to this change.

Section 6 : Category

Please indicate under which of the following categories your abstract falls:

Ageing and Geriatrics
Arts and Humanities

Bereavement, Loss and Grief

Complementary Therapies

Educational Issues
Ethical Issues
Family Caregivers
Family Issues

Home Care
Leadership, Programme Development and Evaluation
Innovative Technologies
Interprofessional Teamwork
Non Cancer End-of-Life Care
Nursing Issues
Pain and Symptom Control
Palliative Care as a Human Right
Palliative Care in Developing Countries
Palliative Care in the ICU
Palliative Care in Long Term Care Facilities
Psychological Issues
Rehabilitation including Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
Self Care
Social and Cultural Issues

Suffering and Healing
Whole Person Care

Section 7 : Abstract Title

The abstract title should be brief and clearly indicate the content of the abstract. It should NOT be typed all in uppercase characters and must be in Title Case, e.g.: "At the End of Life"

Section 8 : Abstract Text
  • Your abstract must not exceed 300 words
  • The abstract must be single-spaced using a font no smaller than Times Roman 12-point.
  • Abstracts for proposed workshops should be broken down into 3 paragraphs: the first outlining the objectives of the workshop; the second identifying the pedagogical methods to be used in the workshop; and the third, the expected outcomes.
  • The use of tables, graphs and other types of images in the abstract is not permitted.
  • The use of abbreviations is permissible provided that the term is spelled out in full the first time it appears, with the abbreviation shown in parentheses following the term.
  • Proofread your abstract carefully.

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